Collect your boards from Tullan or Rossnowlagh beach

Big range of surfing equipment available for rent. Beginner softboards 8 and 9 foot and also more advanced beginner boards with a soft top and slick bottom, which is a good option if you have already done a few lessons. These boards will be more challenging but do give you a chance to start doing some turns and progress your skills.

We have a full range of Torq hard boards from 6’3 to 9’0 that are solid all round boards for beginner and improver surfers. The Torq boards are all available on a try before you buy scheme. We also have a good selection of short boards and fish boards for rent from Channel Islands, Lost and Bradley.

Call us on 071-9841968 or 087-9572924 or email to reserve your gear.

We have 5/3mm suits to rent all year round, as well as boots, gloves and hoods in winter. We provide boots all year round, and gloves and hoods in winter. To rent equipment you will need to fill out a form and leave photo ID or credit card as a deposit. Please be aware that rentals are dependent on the conditions being suitable and the person having some surfing experience (ie. done a beginner surf lesson).

We have plenty of roof straps that we can lend you to get your boards to the beach or you can collect them at the beach. Typically you can put 5 boards on the roof of a standard 4 door car. We can show you how this works and it will not in any way damage the roof of your car. If you don’t have transport we can leave the boards to the beach for you.

Surf Rentals
From €20
Rental prices are per board. if you need any wetsuits, boots, straps etc they come for free
€20 per day
€120 for full week
5/3mm suits all year round
Beach transfer available €5pp return
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Board, wetsuit and boots (gloves and hood in winter) €20 per day. €120 for a full week.
Surfboard only €20 per day. €120 for a full week.
Bodyboard, wetsuit and boots €15 per day. €90 for week

Wetsuit and boots (gloves and hood in winter) €10 per day. €60 for week.
Call us on 071-9841968 or email to reserve the gear you need.