Try Before you Buy

Buying a new surfboard can be tricky especially if its your first board. You want to get the balance between getting a board that is fun and easy to catch waves but also allows you the ability to progress. We can give lots of advice to help however it can be hard as everyone is different. It can depend on your weight, fitness, how often you intend to surf, where you surf and previous experience. As a general rule of thumb the bigger the board the easier it is to catch waves and take off but the harder it is to turn and paddle out the back.

To help we have a try before you buy offer. Its pretty simple really. If you are looking at one of the boards in our shop range that we have in our surf camp we can allow you to try it out before you purchase it. If you then decide the board is for you we take the rental off the purchase price of the board. This may allow you to experiment a little.  To checkout some off the boards in our shop you can call instore or view online here