Try Before You Buy – Test Drive Surfboards

We often get asked by people for advice on what board to buy. We have a great range of test drive boards available in Torq and Blanks to suit beginner, improver and intermediate surfers. When you come in to the shop we can show you the range and advise on what boards is best for you. We charge €20 for the rental of the test drive board and if you buy a board we will take the €20 off the price of the new board. Our test drive range is also available to people doing our improver surf weekend courses. All our test drive boards are available for rental.

For beginner, improver and intermediate surfers we have a full range of Torq boards: 6’3, 6’6, 6’8, 7’2, 7’6, 8’0 and 9’0. Torq are really solid all round boards that are perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers. Good paddling power combined with a level of performance that will get you from the white water to turning on green waves. Robust construction and good resale value.

New for 2017 we are stoked to have the Blanks Big One range available for test drive. The Blanks boards are designed, shapedblanks round tail and manufactured by Olatu in the Basque Country. Olatu is the top surfboard factory in Europe and they also make Pukas, Lost and Channel Islands boards, so you know you are getting boards from top European shapers. We have The Big One model available for test drive in sizes 6’8, 7’2 and 7’6. These boards are designed for improver and intermediate level surfers.

If you have a starter hardboard you are looking to change for a bigger or smaller board, you can bring it in to us and we can discuss trade in option with you. We do a lot of trade in deals, which is a great way of moving to a board with more performance, or even a bigger board if you are struggling with something too small.