Surf Improver Weekend

We have a surf improver weekend on July 8th with Adam

Aimed at those who can pop up regularly but are looking at progressing their surfing and want to surf more green waves, starting turns, surf different locations and thinking of trying out different boards. You can use a hard board or a soft board for the course but it is ideally aimed at hard board surfers.

The weekends are aimed at people who have surfed before and are now trying to get out behind the white water and start surfing unbroken waves. The course focuses on improving techniques such as pop up, paddling technique, turning, trimming and reading of conditions and waves.

Adam is one of our most experienced surf instructors and has been teaching surfing in Ireland and around the world for the last 7 years. Adam is a very patient and conscientious instructor and will be happy to focus on specific techniques that are most important to each person in the group. If the conditions are suitable we will head to some different spots. Video analysis is part of the course, as long as conditions are suitable. We ask everyone to car pool driving to the surf. We have a range of different boards you can try out over the weekend. Weekend course is €100 for 3 surf sessions with instruction. Accommodation available in Bundoran Surf Lodge.